Cryogenic Engineering offers the following cryogenic Air Separation Units:

  • Air Separation Plants for the production of oxygen, nitrogen and argon including:
    • oxygen capacities up to more than 60000 Nm3/h (>2000 t/d)
    • commercial product purities
    • internal and/or external product compression
    • product liquefaction >10000 Nm3/h (420 t/d)
    • other crude noble gases
  • Nitrogen Generators
    • capacities from below 225 Nm3/h up to > 10000 Nm3/h
    • nitrogen purities in ppb range
  • External Product Liquefiers
    • capacities >10000 Nm3/h
  • ASU Equipment: cold boxes, molsieve purifiers, DCAC, brazed heat exchangers, etc.

Design and construction are performed per ASME, ASTM, PED and other major codes.

Compressors, expansion turbines, pumps, valves, instrumentation, DCS from renowned world-class vendors